Somatics Sessions

Receive individual attention, an assessment, and a focused movement program that's specific to your pain or condition.

In-Person Clinical Sessions

Hands-on Clinical Somatics sessions are recommended for anyone who would like one-on-one help to address postural patterns, chronic pain, mobility issues, or a musculoskeletal condition.
Each session is focused on your individual needs as you actively learn how to move your body to reset muscle tone from a state of tension to relaxation. You’ll also learn a daily home movement program to continue unwinding stiffness and release muscular holding.
Individual sessions are a wonderful and gentle way to recover from tension patterns caused by accidents, injuries, trauma, overworking, postural issues, and stress.  

Located in Seattle, Washington in-person sessions follow state regulations for Covid compliance including wearing masks, air filtration, etc.

Online Somatic Movement Coaching

After a postural assessment, you’ll receive coaching on movements that are individually curated to address specific concerns you may have.

You’ll learn a series of movements for your home Somatics practice to relieve patterns of tension and holding leading to increased range of motion, flexibility, and ease.  

Online movement coaching is a great option if you’re unable to participate in hands-on sessions or want more specific guidance on how to practice somatic movements. 

What People Say


'Somatics has been very helpful in freeing my back from pain in areas that had chronic pain for many years. An added benefit is greater range of motion in my shoulders."


"Within the first few weeks a LOT changed! Tight muscles in my back softened and smoothed out. My posture has improved and my sense of inner resilience."


"With Somatics I've gained increased sensory awareness of my body. This has helped me handle emotional situations that used to overwhelm me. My sleep has improved."

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