Breathwork, Movement, and Meditation 

An integrated approach to transform your body, mind, and breath for increased energy, relief from chronic tension, and a quieter mind

Are you tired of feeling out of sorts with your body, having difficulty with your breathing, or a mind that just won't stop ...

Have you noticed that if you don't get to the bottom of why you're in pain, holding your breath, or have a restless mind they tend to increase and worsen with age? 

Now you can get long-term relief from chronic pain, poor breathing, and a busy mind by getting to the root cause, your brain, and how with neuroplasticity you can rebuild your neural networks for improved function and improved quality of life.

Memberships, coaching, and courses to help you



Change your breathing to improve focus, reduce anxiety, release emotions, and increase energy.


somatic education

 Soften pain and easily relieve muscle tension with gentle Somatics exercises.



Discover your meditation style and optimize your mind with guided meditation practices.



Increase your intuitive awareness by clearing your energy and become clear, calm, and confident.

Does this sound familiar?

You've tried (unsuccessfully) conventional and alternative self-care solutions that focus on short-term passive management practices to address chronic symptoms.

While prescription or OTC medication, massage, heating pads, exercise, breathing, or meditation apps can be helpful to relieve symptoms in the short-term, they're not the same as getting to the root cause and long-lasting results.

At Restorative Somatics we believe that true well being requires a different approach. Rather than focusing on external symptoms we bring you back to your own internal resources, the true source of healing and wellness.

Effective practices get you back in the drivers seat of your self-care and well-being for long-term results. We help you restore your body, breath, and mind.

What People Say

Chronic sciatica and back pain relief
Thanks to Somatics classes, I've put together a small arsenal of "go to" somatic movements to help relieve chronic sciatica and low back stiffness during the day. Jill's classes are not only a gentle way to reduce discomfort, but also a meditative and grounding experience.


Breathing enriches health and well being
My breathing was mostly an automatic impulse that I rarely brought my attention to. Through these classes I've found a great resource in how to enrich my health and well being, and use my breath in a conscious and intentional way. Jill is masterful in her soothing voice and clear direction. Her breathing sessions are something I look forward to each week!


Feeling so much calmer with meditation
Jill took me through a meditation style assessment and found exactly the right form of practice for me. At last, I now have a daily, easy to maintain, meditation practice and I'm feeling so much calmer as a result. The guided meditations are wonderful!


Three Easy Steps to Get Started

1. Sign Up

Choose a membership, session, or course to begin your journey

2.  Start Practicing

Begin enjoying new ways to relieve stress and ease tension

3.  Feel the Shift

Notice the difference in your body and mind as you practice the processes

Discover the Missing Link ...

Your amazing brain is the powerhouse that controls everything you do, feel, and know, and the link between your brain and your body is your awareness.

When you begin to consciously control your movement, breathing, and mind, you can release chronic stress, ease pain, naturally quiet your mind, regain vitality, and improve your overall sense of well being.

In classes/sessions you'll be guided back to your body to relearn how to lower your stress level, move and breathe more easily, and re-energize your body.

You'll begin systematically unwinding stress through breathing exercises, somatic movements, and meditation techniques.

When you re-balance your body at the cellular level, pretty much everything else improves. This is a drug-free, therapist-free approach and all for a fraction of the cost of other modalities.


3 easy steps to unwind your mind and body 

If you're curious about what we do at Restorative Somatics – this is the course for you.

Enjoy a sampling of what you can expect to experience when you sign-up for a membership, course, or session:

  • Gentle somatic movements to release chronic pain and tension
  • A soothing breathing practice to bring you into a state of restful alertness
  • How to calm your mind in a matter of minutes with meditation

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Most People Don’t Realize That What’s Holding Them Back From Living Life Fully is a Lifetime of Unconscious Habits

It gets harder and harder to function effectively and easily when you’re in chronic pain, find it hard to catch your breath, or are plagued by repetitive thoughts.  Whether it’s back pain or sciatica that make movement difficult, or holding your breath every time you start feeling stressed, or intrusive thoughts eating away at your sense of calmness, it all adds up to limits on daily functioning.

Restorative Somatics helps you get back in the driver’s seat of your self-care by guiding you in how to create new conscious practices to unwind poor habits and optimize your body, breath, and mind. The evidence-based techniques that we teach are safe, easy to implement, proven to work, and can be practiced by anyone.

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on-demand membership


  • 7-Day Breathing Challenge
  • Breathing for calm, sleep, and easing anxiety
  • Somatics Introductory classes
  • Library of 40+ Somatics video classes
  • 20+ Somatics Mini Moves
  • Guided meditation recordings (coming soon!) 
  • Community feature 
  • Available 24/7 on any device 
  • Recurring payment - cancel any time

live studio membership


  • Twice weekly live online Somatics classes ($120 value)
  • Weekly live online breathing classes ($60 value)
  • Monthly live online breathwork journey ($20 value)
  • Live online community (priceless!)
  • Special membership offers
  • Email support
  • Recurring payment - cancel any time

in-person / online sessions


  • Free 20-Minute Discovery Session
  • Clinical Somatic Education
  • Breathing Behavior Coaching
  • Meditation Instruction
  • Intuitive Readings