What is Somatics?

Somatics is a self-care movement practice that quickly lengthens tight muscles that cause pain so you can move freely and comfortably. It's practical, safe, and gentle with immediate benefits. Long-lasting results come with regular practice.

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How Does Somatics Work?

In Somatics you focus on the process of how you move. This consciously activates the sensory-motor cortex in the brain that's responsible for sensing and moving your body.

You relearn how to fully release muscle tension by adjusting the resting tonus of a muscle from contracted back to "normal" making movement easier, smoother, and effortless.

This is achieved with the easily learned technique of Pandiculation.

In addition to softening pain and releasing tension, you'll feel more relaxed and grounded after practicing Somatics.

How Can Somatics Help Me?

By releasing muscle tension and restoring muscle function muscles become longer and posture and movement improve.

When the muscular system is functioning more fully this positively affects other systems in the body including cardiovascular, digestion, lymph, nerves, breathing, and more.

Free of muscle tension you can get back to participating in activities with ease and enjoyment. 

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