Online Somatic Classes to Help You Get Out of Chronic Pain

Everything you need to transform stress, pain, and tension into feeling like yourself again

Are you bothered by any of these conditions?

Tight Jaws     Rounded Shoulders     Stooped Posture     Back Pain     Stiff Hips     Uneven Legs     Painful Knees     Foot Pain

If so, you've come to the right place for relief.

To Get Long-Lasting Relief from Pain, You Have to Take a Different Approach
But there's a problem...

  • You've been told "nothing's wrong"
  • Aging seems a plausible explanation for ongoing pain
  • You really want to ditch the pain pills
  • What you've tried so far just isn't working 
  • It's really frustrating to have nagging pain
  • You've already invested a lot of time and money

Somatic classes have everything you need to learn how to move with ease again including step-by-step instructions and community support. And all for a fraction of the cost of other methods of pain relief.

Every Class Makes it Easy to Master Releasing Chronic Tension the Root Cause of Muscle Pain

What Makes Somatics so Different?

 Somatics addresses the root cause of chronic pain, the brain. That's right, the brain controls our muscles. If our body is tense it's because our brain is programmed to hold it that way. In Somatics we reprogram the brain to let go of tension. It's simple and it works.

  • Improve your flexibility and balance
  • Regain confidence in your body
  • Get back to doing what you love
  • Release deep-rooted stress and tension
  • Gain fuller freer breathing
  • Increase your energy and vitality

What People Say


"I wanted to tell you that the other day when I was packing up my new client's kitchen, my upper back was really in pain from the strain. I decided to do all of the back, neck, and shoulder exercises right then and there. It totally made the pain go away and it hasn’t come back! I’m really thankful for these tools that you’ve shared with me."


"My sessions with Jill have helped to resolve some chronic pain issues I had in my hip and shoulders. Before seeing Jill, I had tried PT, massage, and other modalities. It turns out that the gentle, very slow Somatic movements have made the biggest difference for me. Because these pain issues are no longer flaring up, I'm getting more involved in physical activity and have increased my overall fitness. I'm so grateful!"


"The morning after my first session, I woke up feeling that my body was looser, more relaxed, and more flexible than usual. As I did my regular exercise routine, I was able to stretch further than normal in a variety of exercises. I noticed this particularly around my shoulders. I had not previously realized how restricted my range of motion had been. My hamstrings also seemed looser and easier to move."

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