Somatic Movement

Each class focuses on releasing whole body patterns of tension so you can move more easily, gain greater flexibility, and learn supportive guidelines for maintaining your newly found sense of ease.

Length - 60 minutes
Price - $15
Online - Zoom
Wednesdays 9:00 am and Saturdays 10:00 am pacific


In breathing classes we practice many different breathing techniques to improve breathing function, chemistry, and awareness of the breath to increase energy, relieve anxiety and stress, and produce profound states of calm.

Length - 60 minutes
Price - $15
Online - Zoom
Fridays 9:00 am pacific


With a guided breathwork journey you can increase your sense of clarity, connection, and relaxation while improving oxygenation, energy, and circulation. Breathwork is a natural remedy to relieve stress and anxiety, to breathe in more life force energy, and deepen meditation. Conscious connected breathing is effective in releasing blocks and tension and opening-up greater self-awareness and transformation.

Length - 75 minutes
Price - $0
Online - Zoom
2nd Sunday of the month 10:00 am pacific


3 easy steps to unwind your mind and body 

If you're curious about what we do at Restorative Somatics – this is the course for you.

Enjoy a sampling of what you can expect to experience when you sign-up for a membership, course, or session:

  • Gentle somatic movements to release chronic pain and tension
  • A soothing breathing practice to bring you into a state of restful alertness
  • How to calm your mind in a matter of minutes with meditation

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