Deepen your energy skills with Intuitive Meditation Course Level 3

Learn powerful intuitive processes for releasing unwanted emotional energies, improved communication, and attracting the life you want

Release Stuck Energy       Get Clear About Attracting You Want       Be Present       Ground Your Space       Create More Freedom

In this 6-week series dive even deeper into accessing your intuition by ...

  • Thoroughly clearing energy what's not yours from your seven main chakras
  • Releasing the energetic cords that bind us to people, places, and past lives
  • Cleansing the emotional energy centers for increased creativity, energy, and clarity
  • Dispersing the energies of complaining, competition, and gossiping
  • Understanding the polarity between complaining and the Law of Attraction
  • Clearing the blocks to the expression of your creativity, inner voice, and telepathic communication

Pre-requisite: Intuitive Meditation Levels 1 and 2

Develop your meditation skills to give you everything you need to ground yourself, protect your energy, and expand your intuition

Advanced meditation skills to clear your energy and create open and spacious awareness

Learning with an experienced cohort and enjoying the benefits of a supportive community

A deepening of your natural intuitive skills and how to apply them

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