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Professional Intuitive Readings

Intuitive readings offer insight into your present life, connections with the past, and guidance for the future. I'll help you find your true self, and your own answers and information to guide you forward. With a reading you have the opportunity to ask questions and explore many different topics and life challenges including:

  • Relationship issues
  • Energetic boundaries 
  • Health conditions
  • Spiritual concerns
  • Work and career
  • Creative endeavors

In the same way that we can read body language by a person's posture, smile or frown, we all have a more subtle energy that can be accessed intuitively. As a clairvoyant and medium I'm able to "read" this subtle energy and provide deeper insight into your life so you can find your way with more clarity. It's like being able to see down to the bottom of a lake vs. just on the surface.

What's a Session Like?

When you ask a question I'll respond with what I'm intuitively sensing from your energy. Readings are gentle and informative and focused on clearing your energy for the purpose of healing and well-being. I can only see what you show me.

Readings Include

  • 60-Minutes In-Person in Seattle, WA or
  • 60-Minutes on Zoom, mobile phone, or by distance
  • Complimentary session recording 
  • Clear information on your next steps

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