Meditation Made Easy

Discover the art and science of mind-body awareness training

Calming Your Mind Can Be Challenging

Have you started meditation and given up because you:

-  kept getting lost in thoughts, mind wandering, or day dreaming
-  found it difficult to sit still for more than a few minutes let alone 10, 20, or 30 minutes at a stretch
-  kept dosing off and falling asleep during meditation making it seem like a waste of time
-  had doubting thoughts about how you were meditating like "I'm no good at this" or "I'll never be able to calm my mind"
-  felt resentment towards yourself for being so inadequate thinking that "this is never going to work"

It's estimated that 50% of people who start meditation give up for these reasons. We believe that everyone can develop or deepen their meditation practice with the right information, tools, and support.

What is Meditation?

Meditation is a mind body awareness training that can produce a deep state of relaxation and a tranquil mind. It can also enhance creativity and improve focus.

At Restorative Somatics we offer NeuroMeditation a brain-based approach to the practice of meditation, and teach different meditation styles and techniques. This is founded on the understanding that each style of meditation has a different impact on the structure and function of the brain.

This knowledge can be used to identify which meditation practices can best support you in achieving your goals whether you're looking for increased peace of mind, or relief from stress and anxiety, or a different outcome.

NeuroMeditation Styles


What it helps:
Intuition, insight, flow state, and energy healing

How it feels: 
Spacious, expanded, clear

How it works:
Increases fast brain wave activity (gamma), decreases frontal beta activity


What it helps
Focus, concentration, cognitive function, ADHD

How it feels: 
Clear, sharp, stable, productive, and effective

How it works:
Increases fast brain wave activity (beta2, gamma)


What it helps:
Stress, anxiety, sense of being overwhelmed

How it feels: 
Calm, centered, and peaceful

How it works:
Increases slow brain wave activity (frontal midline theta)

Open Heart

What it helps:
Empathy, relationships, anger, depression, and mood

How it feels: 
Open, loving, joyful, grateful

How it works:
Increases fast brain wave activity (gamma)

Quiet Mind

What it helps:
Negative self-talk, perfectionism, chronic pain, addictive behaviors, identity concerns

How it feels: 
Mental calmness, serenity, pure awareness

How it works:
Increases slow brain waves (alpha 1)

Meditation Testimonials

Deeper Understanding of Myself
The meditation courses have helped me to live my life in a more authentic and joy-filled way. Jill has taught me tools to release what doesn't work for me any longer, and to build upon and create what does. The content and meditations have provided me with a deeper understanding of myself and have given me much-needed healing. Jill is truly gifted.


New to Meditation
I’ve taken Jill’s intuitive meditation series twice now. She’s highly skilled in cultivating an intimate shared experience over Zoom for class participants. I was new to meditation compared to many of my classmates and found her guidance easy to follow and retain. I could really feel the energy moving throughout my body and learned techniques to identify and apply the skills throughout my week.  


Wonderful Investment in Self-Care
The Intuitive Meditation course is a wonderful investment in self-care, a terrific skillset for grounding, clearing, healing, and maintenance of well-being. Jill is a fantastic teacher -- warm-hearted, compassionate, patient, and very clear in her instructional style. I highly recommend this course to anyone interested in gaining skills or enhancing their energetic practice.


Three Easy Steps to Getting Started With Meditation

1. Sign Up for a Course or Session

Join a live online course and feel the support of like-minded meditators or schedule a meditation assessment session

2.  Begin Your Practice

Start practicing step-by-step guided meditation techniques

3.  Enjoy Peace of Mind

Feel confident with your at home practice and enjoy the benefits of meditation

Finding Your Meditation Style and Practice

While research suggests that all the styles of meditation are potentially helpful, there is no one style of meditation that suits everyone. In the same way there are many different forms of exercise, there'll be one or two that you naturally gravitate towards. The same is true for meditation. 

Instead of trying out meditations on apps or at local classes and then giving up or having unexplained experiences, take our Introduction to Meditation Course to find out the most appropriate fit for you. Exploring different styles of meditation allows you to sample different practices and match them to the goals and outcomes you're looking for.

Without coaching or support it's so easy to lose interest even if you do feel better when you meditate. You don't need to sit alone at home contemplating your navel wondering if you're doing it right. Instead, join us in learning how to meditate, get your questions answered, and feel confident in your practice. 

Start Relieving Stress and Quieting Your Mind

Meditation Courses


  • Live online series
  • Step-by-step instructions
  • Guided meditation sessions
  • Recordings if you miss a session
  • Community support
  • Email support
  • One-time payment



  • 75-minute session in-person or online
  • Detailed meditation style assessment 
  • Guided meditation practice 
  • Individualized guided meditation recording
  • Email support
  • One-time payment