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In signing below, I hereby agree that I am choosing to participate in somatic education classes, courses, workshops or other services offered by Jill Aldridge, LLC during which I will receive information, instruction, and an opportunity to practice somatic movements and exercises.

Somatic education is for educational purposes and is not intended to substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment and is not intended to treat, cure or prevent any disease, symptom or condition.

If I have any physical or medical conditions, or if I am not in overall good health, I agree to consult my physician before starting any new movement, exercise, or breathing program and also to inform my instructor before the start of class. The informing of my physical condition is simply to enable the instructor to provide optimal instruction, and in no way absolves me of this responsibility.

I take full responsibility for my physical and emotional well-being while attending classes, courses, workshops, or other services with Jill Aldridge, LLC. I agree to pace myself properly or stop practice altogether if need be.

I understand that I take full responsibility for any risks, injuries or damages, known or unknown, which I might incur as a result of participating in the classes, courses, or workshops. I agree that neither I, my heirs, assigns or legal representatives will sue or make any other claims of any kind whatsoever against Jill Aldridge, LLC or its members.

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