Are You Ready to Improve Your Breathing?

Unlock the power of conscious breathing with guided breathing classes

What is Breathwork

Breathing is the only system in the body that is automatic and also under our control.

Breathwork is a natural method of consciously breathing to create positive changes in our physiology, emotions, and mind. It's also effective in opening up greater self awareness and transformation.

When our breathing flows fully and freely our natural restorative energy and creatively also flow freely.  

What to Expect

In a guided breathing class you'll understand more about breathing mechanics, chemistry, and how behavior affects our breath.

Practice breathing techniques and know when to practice them to help promote sleep, decrease anxiety, or to calm your mind.

You'll also learn how improving breathing promotes health and physical relaxation, is effective in relieving stress, and optimizes energy.

Online Breathing Classes

9 AM PT  /  12 PM ET  /  6 PM CET



Top features

  • 60-minute online class
  • Learn breathing techniques
  • Live participation with real time questions and answers
  • One-time payment

The Breathing Circle Membership


Top features

  • 60-minute online classes
  • 4 live classes a month
  • Learn breathing techniques
  • Special membership offers
  • Cancel any time