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Simple, natural, and evidence-based breathing techniques to balance your health, emotions, thinking, and life

Sleep Better       Improve Digestion       Lower Blood Pressure      Long Covid Relief       Clear Brain Fog       Reduce Stress 

HOW you breathe is incredibly important!

Did you know that poor breathing habits lead to increased stress, brain fog, digestive problems, sleep difficulties, jaw tension, night time teeth grinding, emotional issues, and heart conditions.

In fact, it's estimated that 50% of the population have dysregulated breathing patterns like:

  • Over breathing
  • Mouth breathing 
  • Chest breathing
  • Breath holding
  • Reverse breathing
  • Taking big breaths

Even if you're tried breathing apps and exercises or various appliances to help you breathe better, if you're not clear on how you're actually doing your breathing, progress will be slow and ineffective. This is where learning to breathe with a trained coach makes all the difference if you want to improve your breathing and your life. 

Breath Coaching

As a breathing coach I know what dysfunctional breathing habits to look for and how to guide you to improve them. 

In coaching sessions we'll assess your current breathing patterns and create a roadmap for returning them back to normal functioning. 

You'll learn effective exercises to practice at home that rebalance breathing chemistry and function and restore your breathing back to how nature intended.

What's Involved

  • In-person or Zoom coaching sessions
  • Pre and post breathing assessments
  • Breathing exercises to  reverse poor breathing habits
  • Exercises to help release respiratory related muscle tension and facilitate optimal breathing
  • 10-20 minutes of daily breathing practice 
  • Breathing tools for life

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